What You Can Compost From Your Kitchen

Think composting is complicated? It’s not!

Think you need to wait around for your central government, state government, municipality, or RWA to start composting? You don’t!

If you cook and have one square foot of space available on your balcony, you can compost. Every family who composts keeps an average of 1 kg/day or 360 kg/year of wet waste out of the landfills. Instead of contributing to the creation of greenhouse gases, you can turn your kitchen scraps into highly valuable compost which will help your plants to grow.

Collect your kitchen scraps on your counter, and dump them into your compost pot at night.

So how do you go about it? It’s simple. Keep your kitchen scraps in a container on your kitchen counter. These are your “green materials”. Mix them with an equal volume of “brown materials” such as non-glossy newspaper and dried leaves, and voilà, you’re done.


compost pot


Here’s a graphic to help you keep your composting do’s and don’ts straight.


Adding neem powder to your compost will help to keep the bad bugs away, and enrich your compost. It’s not essential, though.

And yes, it is that easy.


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