Composters = Heroes

They really are. Even Amitabh Bachchan says so.

All of us city dwellers dump our food scraps in landfills, where it’s trapped by tons of garbage. Microorganisms break it down by anaerobic digestion (a fancy way of saying “without air”) which means they emit methane and carbon dioxide.

A greenhouse gas, methane traps heat 22 times more effectively than carbon dioxide. Think about the scorching summer we’re facing this year. Are you looking forward to many more? Unless we do our bit, we’re all going to help raise the global temperature.

If doing our bit means composting, then why not? Composting is easy, it happens all by itself! All we need to do is segregate the waste in our kitchens. Keep your vegetable scraps in a separate container and dump it in the compost bin at the end of the day.

If your apartment building or municipality collects segregated waste, you don’t even need to do the last part. You can just hand over your “wet waste” and feel good about doing your good deed for the day.

If your RWA doesn’t do this, why not kickstart the project yourself?

This one act not only reduces our carbon footprint, it also turns our waste into black gold. Our plants are happy, our air improves, we’re going green and doing good.

Composting will reduce the amount of garbage we generate by up to 80%. So let’s all be heroes!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shaily says:

    I am using my kitchen and garden waste to provide organic compost to my plants for two and half years now, and plants too seem to be happy😊


    1. NIMBLOG says:

      That’s great Shaily, send us some pictures 🙂


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